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Prisoner of my Own Mind

Despair is but one of many weapons at my call...

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No. 779 Code Name: Splicer


September 2nd, 2024

Feedback, critting and general thoughts on Agent 779, Code Name Splicer go here. Please and thank you...

March 11th, 2011

Another Drull Day in Korhal

The room is dark and lifeless, the only signs of life is the flickering of the image panel static and a small orange glow, seemingly from a cigarette.

<C'mon.... why... why do you always forget to pay for the damn service!!!! You have a huge sum of credits in your damn account gathering dust and you're one of the highest paid Specters in the Dominion! Why can't we have nice things bro? Why!?> - A deep whiny voice was heard nearby.

The glow from the cigarette moved away from the location and then back. "Lights, --" a light yawn, "Light on." In a few seconds the room comes to life as the lights turn on, illuminating a messy room, except at one corner. The owner of the cigarette sits up and stretches, taking another drag of the cigarette before putting it out. He turns his attention to a corner of the room and grins.

"You know Miggy, if you keep complaining, I'll start forgetting to pay for energy." He teased, yet there was no one else in the room. The only thing in the direction he motioned to was a male ragdoll with a sombrero and a green '1-up' shirt.

<Dude.... I'd hate you if you did that... Now can you PLEASE pay for the cable? I'm missing Clicks of our Lives man! I wana see what happens to the Executor!> -The voice seemed to be coming 'from' the doll.

779 waved a dismissive hand and brought over his datapad. He punched in some numbers and signed where needed before tossing the datapad away. In a few seconds the image panel came to life with what seemed like a soap opera involving Protoss.

<Alright! Now we're talkin' ! Thanks broski!> -The doll however remained unmoved. <Ummm hey bro, I'm kinda stuck here, think you can give a brother a hand?> - The doll asked, soon after beginning to float and settle in the table screen in front of the image panel. <Awesome thanks bro!>

<You know you spoil him right?> - a sultry female voice was heard from across the room as 779 got up and tossed his shirt aside, rummaging through a pile nearby for a new one.

"Eh, it's not a big deal anyways Andrea. I wasn't doing anything with my credits anyways." - He responded as he picked up a green sleeveless shirt from the pile and slipped it on. <Hmmmm you could have kept the shirt off you know, it's not like there was anyone here but us. And surely you weren't expecting company Mm?>

He made his way to the cooler and took out a Dominion's Finest, popping the cap and taking a long swig from the beer. "Eh, you never know. Those chicks from down at the Hydra Sting bar could come by. I'm pretty sure the alleyway wasn't enough." He mused as he grabbed a bread roll from the counter and while making it hover mid air, buttered it and placed some bacon, ham, cheese and tomato on it before grabbing it from it's floating state.

<Ugh, trashy whores all of them. You really should have higher standards Splicer. You're an attractive bachelor, you have power, money, and looks and yet you live in this single apartment in the bad side of Korhal.> - The voice seemed to be coming from a doll in a nightgown that was propped against the table nearest to the bedroom.

"What's wrong with my pad?" He asked curiously. "I think it has character." He walked over to the one clean corner of the room. A large desk with an elaborate computer system was visible. Multiple screens and controls, some action figures, comics and some shades where in the area. He sat down in the large comfortable chair and glided it forward. "Alright! Game time!" At the words the screens came to life. 

Welcome 779, ready to play a game?

"Woo always ready baby. Let's get this show on the road yeah?" He slid his shades on and placed his hands on the keys and controller. Soon the game started.  It seemed like it would be just one of those days.
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